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Provincial Hearing provides personalized hearing care from locations in Halifax, Dartmouth and Hammonds Plains. We serve the Halifax region with hearing assessments and the largest selection of hearing aid brands and products available locally. Hearing impairment is complex and personal, and an acceleration of cognitive disability occurs when hearing deficiencies are not treated. We perform more tests than other clinic and take the time to educate our clients about their unique needs and the options that suit their lifestyles.

Our mission is to improve lives through the art and science of personalized hearing care.



Since many of our clients are seniors, they are often referred to us by a caregiver, healthcare provider, or someone else they trust. It’s important to engage with doctors, loved ones and community members since they play a supporting role in our clients’ decision-making process.



Our ear canals are as unique as our fingerprints. Shape, size, and the individual lifestyle of each client all factor into choosing the right product, so we do more measurements and ask more questions than other clinics. Our business model allows us to be independent and flexible.



We aren’t just selling our clients hearing aids – we take the time to educate them about their unique needs and the options available so they can make an informed decision.

​Customer stories

Before I got my hearing aids I felt like I was on the outside looking  in.

It’s a lonely world out there when you can’t hear anyone’s conversations. I got tired of saying “I didn’t hear what you said” You tend to sit alone to avoid people’s conversations. 

You miss a lot in life when you can’t hear a person’s conversations. I love my new hearing aids; I can now join in and hear what people are saying to me. It’s nice to me on the inside of the conversation. I only wished I would have gotten my hearing aids a lot sooner. 

Jaqueline C.

I’ve had Hearing Aids from Provincial Hearing since 1995 and have dealt with several personal with excellent service from all.

The ear canal in my right ear is slightly smaller than normal which made it difficult to keep the hearing aid in. They had a special sleeve made for this canal which helped to overcome this problem.

I would recommend them to anyone.

Egbert C.

I received my hearing aids 1 year ago. I am getting use to them and very pleased with the digital aids.

Very little negative has taken place with them, small adjustments etc.

I have a few times dropped in with for some tweaking and have instant attention always with a smile returned to me and was on my way. I believe Provincial Hearing second to none and will always treat me this way in the future.

Ron B.


Whether it’s through our Everyone Hears program, which ensures those without financial capacity are provided hearing solutions; or our Hear from Home program, which helps individuals who are housebound or living in care facilities, we offer better hearing for all.

Provincial Hearing

Your hearing is tied to your emotional wellbeing as well as your cognitive health. Humans are social beings and by helping people hear better, we give them greater confidence to tackle the world head-on and live the life they deserve.

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